The Participatory Monument.
Remembrance and Forgetting as Art Practice in Public Sphere


doctoral thesis

The Participatory Monument seeks to expand the understanding of memory by exploring it as an embodiment of sensorial practice and as an extended social vocabulary.

Memory resides in our everyday rituals and social relationships as well as in memorials and traditions of remembrance. Accordingly, in her art practice Røstad look at the politics of remembering and forgetting by focusing on our personal experiences as witnesses in the public sphere. Undertaking research through the examination of historical material and the conducting of interviews, Røstad translate these lived experiences into an archive of methodology and a vocabulary of remembrance and forgetting.


Røstad contend that the more we delve into the field of collective remembering, the more we glean an understanding of ourselves and our place in the world. Therefore, research into how we choose to remember and what we choose to forget can play an integral part in art, though it requires that informed ethical practices be put in place. Moreover, to an artist working in the public sphere, this offers the opportunity to further probe the role of the artist in the social realm.”



Keywords:participatory monument, public sphere, collective memory, social practice, listening


Photo: Merete Røstad

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