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Embodied sound Archive



What is an embodied sound archive?

How does listening create art experiences in the public sphere? This paper introduces the thought that all of our sound and audi-tory experiences are embedded within us and that they constitute our own person-al embodied sound archive. Our memory confines all our auditory experiences and stores the sounds that we experience. This is what builds up our embodied sound ar-chives. Embodied sound archives form randomly through conscious and uncon-scious listening. Active listening, on the other hand, is a way of listening that actively expands our embodied sound archive. It re-quires attentiveness of our mind and body to process meaning from our auditory en-vironment meticulously. By introducing the term embodied sound archive, this paper investigates if listening can be a conducive method to work with sound art in the pub-lic sphere. It furthermore points at ways of incorporating the methodology of radical listening into art in public spaces. 


Chapter in Oslofjord Ecologies. Artistic Research on Environmental and Social Sustainability edited by Kristin Bergaust, Oslo Met.


embodied sound archive, radical listening, memory, public art, artistic research, public sphere