2020 - ongoing

research cluster

MEMORY WORK is a platform for sharing  performative work about memory. It is an interdisciplinary artistic research project developed by artists with backgrounds in Choreography, Theatre, Performance Art and Art in Public Spaces. We ask questions about whose memories and which memories count, and how do we remember? Whose lives are afforded space?



MEMORY WORK comes out of a research collaboration at Oslo National Academy of the Arts (KHiO) between the departments of Dance and Art & Craft. The project involves an international group of artist-researchers, including research fellows at KHIO, as core members. They will use some of their individual artistic research projects as source material for the core activity in MEMORY WORK: a series of thematic Project Labs. In these Labs, the artist-researchers are joined by a group of associated research members, based at different international institutions, and other relevant guests and specialists. The Labs offer events that are open for staff and MA students at our institutions and the public at large. The Labs will operate as a generator for sharing knowledge and experiences, discussing strategies, developing artistic and discursive contributions, and disseminating results. The thematic Labs will be rendered artistically and discursively. This material builds the project’s repository, together with various documentation of the artist-researchers’ individual projects and the research material collected on the theme.



Choreography, Memory, Performative, Public Art, Public Sphere, Remembrance